The zero interest rate affects loans and your personal finances

The repo rate was changed to zero percent on October 27, 2014, thus nothing. The reason why they chose to lower interest rates to such a low level is that inflation has been lower than expected. In order to stimulate higher inflation and to reach the target of 2%, we have chosen to keep a […]

E-Money – 60 days% does not pay – Borrow Loan

E-Money offers individuals a fast-track short-term loan (cash loan) and credit line. The loan amount can range from USD 50 to 5000 and is repayable within 3 to 36 months. To apply for a loan, you need a mobile phone, e-mail address and an account with any bank in Latvia. Renewal Policy Information Extending the […]

Loan without guarantees and payday loan without demonstrable income

Government Agency mortgage interest expense Often the different offers to small interventions to repay more offers, other USD for a mortgage debt consolidation consists of the credit guarantee. We allow you to disbursement and services to return the payment of an insurance policy of which 43 for the entire time frame of costs. For information […]

Credit without income Serious – instant loan online

Jump to Can the legitimate credit without Schufa be rejected? If a loan is already in progress, you should also indicate the amount, otherwise the bank will classify you as doubtful and your loan application will be rejected. A loan from a normal bank with no income is almost impossible. A reputable provider usually does […]

Borrow money with debt – Short credits and quick loans despite debts

Having a debt with Good Finance is never fun. It may feel painful mentally but it can also make it financially difficult for you. For example, you will be limited in what you are allowed to do when it comes to obtaining a subscription, lease or take out a loan. Basic conditions for quick loans […]

Which bank to choose for its credit redemption? – Loan consolidation

In France, many institutions offer credit redemption solutions. What criteria should be used to choose the best bank? To better manage your budget or get out of a situation of overindebtedness, it may be wise to set up a buy back credit. But how to choose a bank or a broker for credit redemption? What […]

Deductible interest – what is meant by deductible interest?

Interest is the price you pay to a bank or other lender when you borrow money, buy things on installments, and more. According to current tax legislation, cost interest is deductible against interest income and income from work (salary). What this means is that, if you have income and / or salary to offset, so […]

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